Autumnal Equinox Guided Meditation With Mo
Thursday | 09.21.17 | 6:00 PM - 6:50 PM PST | $39.00
Guided Meditation
The autumnal equinox is upon us and with it will come more changes than just of a season. This past eclipse packed a lot of power and this is a time to store that energy and put it to good use for its ultimate release at the end of January into the beginning of February.

Join Mo on this journey of the mind into a magical landscape that you can access any time you wish, as often as you wish. The magic will surround you and infuse every aspect of your life, bringing a sparkle to the world around you.

This guided meditation will be recorded for your listening and downloading convenience, so you can listen to it as often as you wish.
Tree Talk
Saturday | 09.23.17 | 10:00 AM - 10:40 AM PST | $33.00
Kai Greenway
Learn how to initiate conversations with trees. Find out what it takes to conquer the two major areas of resistance and how you go about choosing a tree to interact with. You may
discover this technique isn't as difficult as you thought it was!

This class will be recorded in case you are unable to attend in person.
Energy Masters
Sunday | 09.24.17 | 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM PST | $20.00
Energy and Healing
Many people take on a tremendous amount of energy from the world around them. That can result in people feeling heavy, anxious or blocked. If that sounds like you, this twice monthly group is for you. In each meeting, we will discuss the current energy. I will lead the group in various techniques for releasing, healing and balancing the spirit. Students can expect to leave the class feeling refreshed and ready for the week to come.
Krystene's Sacred Circle clearing for stress release and renewal
Monday | 09.25.17 | 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM PST | $22.00
Krystene Leon Du Maurier
Energy and Healing
This half hour session and sacred circle is designed to bring you immediate relief from physical and emotional stress bringing you back into balance and a sense of centered calm. Relief will be felt within minutes. I will focus the energy towards releasing the old and what no longer serves you in order to make way for the new and what NOW serves you and the deepest desires of your soul.

This is not a meditation, but a highly active and detailed series of steps I take to help you feel better and release any data that is not yours, does not serve you and is simply clogging up your system and ability to move forward in certain areas of your life. Your participation will be entirely anonymous. These sessions will be offered on a monthly basis.
~Teacher, Love Thyself ~Fall quarter 2017 : 8 week intensive: module 4
Tuesday | 09.26.17 | 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM PST | $37.50
Krystene Leon Du Maurier
Spiritual Development
This 8 week training is designed to bring you a deep and rich understanding of the subtle energy fields we live, breathe and work with and inside of on a daily, moment to moment basis. I’ll be taking you from the unconscious state to the conscious state as it relates to Prana Energy and what in the world you have to do with it, which is more than you might think.

Each week, I will introduce specific tools and techniques that will help you dissolve emotional blockages, allowing the Soulful Self to emerge, meaning the yumminess of YOU and falling IN LOVE with all that you are. Your intuitive, empathic, psychic and emotional intelligence will be grounded in the core of who you are, bringing health and well-being to everything you do and how you interact with the world.

This is an unabashedly internally focused class series, so be ready to gulp in the words Selfish, Self-absorbed, Self-loved, Self-oriented. For all of my You Empowered students throughout the years, think of this series as a pumped up Graduate class, level 100.
This series will be recorded and sent to the registered user roster list so if you can’t make the live call, no issue. If you are registering late in the series, you can also pick up past classes on my 12listen homepage under ‘Email Services’.

*The roster list will be capped at 40.