Monday Morning Guided Group Meditation
Monday | 01.26.15 | 8:30 AM - 8:50 AM PST | $22.00
Jamie Dawn
Guided Meditation
Start your week off with powerful intention and grounding. Each week a group of liked minded individuals will create a sacred space in which we gather to ground ourselves individually, set our intention for the week, and hold space for one another as a collective. This will be infused with a particular energy set aside for that week that we can choose to embody. These meditations will be recorded for your use as often as you choose.
You Empowered workshop: Taking Life out of your Head and into Your Heart! 4 of 4
Monday | 01.26.15 | 5:00 PM - 5:50 PM PST | $75.00
Krystene Leon Du Maurier
Life Coaching
This is the 4th class in a 4 week series. If you would like to register for the next You Empowered coaching workshop, look for the March registration link on my homepage. In a nutshell: we are empathic beings – we feel all day every day 24/7. Knowing the difference between what is your emotional rockets of desires/fears/etc. and what belongs to others is critical in beginning to understand how you actually can begin to partner with Source Energy and ultimately direct the quantum field – its just huge actually – and life changing. Emotional Intelligence is just that – highly intelligent and if we knew just HOW intelligent, most of us would be quite rattled & change our internal emotional choices immediately. Scientific data is now coming out and backing this claim with more coming and I for one, couldn't be more thrilled about it. The education around this is desperately needed. We all know that it roughly takes 21 days to make a habit – that is what this class is all about – getting those synapses in your brain all linked in and lit up, generating and creating conscious choices, taking initiative and creating inspirational action in every sector of your life. It is a requirement to purchase Krystene's visualization CD, "You Empowered" which you can find at in the store. The class will use these exercises as a base-line to jump off of.
Shamanic Journeying
Monday | 01.26.15 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM PST | $33.00
Lizanne Flynn
Shamanic Studies
Taking your first shamanic journey can be intimidating as you step into other dimensions you might not have visited before. Join with other journeyers and a seasoned journey leader (Shaman) as you meet your power animals and intuitive guides for their messages.
Inner Child Reunion!
Tuesday | 01.27.15 | 5:00 PM - 5:50 PM PST | $33.00
Susan D.
Self Improvement
Let's have some fun!! Get out your crayons and let's play! Using my book "A Year of Me" which will be mailed to you upon registration, we will explore January's topic...YOU! What makes you the unique YOU that you are.
Pet Intuitive Course Week 1
Thursday | 01.29.15 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM PST | $25.00
Melissa Frei
Psychic Development
Melissa is excited to announce her new Pet Communication Beginner Course! Whether you would like to talk to your animals or include pet communication in your current profession this is a great start! Melissa says : “Communicating with our animals is easier that communicating with people.” During this 4 week course you will learn the language to understand you pets. Each week you will focus on a pet, and learn to understand what is going on with them physically, mentally, and emotionally as well as learn how to look for lost pets! You will walk away from this class feeling like Dr. Doolittle! Week 1 - Talk about the Clairs and Communication - Learn to pick up impressions - Animal Focus for the week - Starting the conversation