Mabon: Celebrating the Fall Equinox
Tuesday | 09.16.14 | 7:00 PM - 7:50 PM PST | $44.00
Donna Virgilio
Gods or Goddesses
A wonderful celebration season that revolves around the earth and land. It is the time of the second harvest. Around the world people come together to celebrate their local harvests. With reverence we can give thanks and celebrate a prosperous and abundant season. Learn how to gather helpful fall herbs and foods. Learn how to create your celebration dinner and altar. Celebrate the Harvest Full Moon. Connect with the Goddess of the Harvest Demeter, other Goddesses, Gnomes, the Fae and the Green Man. Learn about rituals, activities, tools and symbols you can use to celebrate this bountiful holiday.
Candle Magic
Wednesday | 09.17.14 | 7:00 PM - 7:40 PM PST | $40.00
Spiritual Development
Candles have been used in magical ways for time immemorial. Everyone has blown out candles on their birthday cake in conjunction with making a wish. Most people have experienced lighting a candle in memory of a loved one. Churches frequently offer altars of candles to light in conjunction with prayer. In this class, I will teach you how to use candles for healing, manifesting, spiritual development, and more! Supplies needed: Chime candles in a variety of colors, holders for candles, a glass or metal tray for a candle altar, a bottle of essential oil of your choice, paper and pencil, matches.
Mantra Class to Deepen Meditation and Access Healing through Sound
Thursday | 09.18.14 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PST | $44.00
Tina Marie
Energy and Healing
This special class is devoted to Mantras! First we will talk about the healing power of mantras and why they work. Then we will learn select healing mantras together, learn how to pronounce them, what they mean and how each one can help a different area of your life, and then chant them! When we chant them, we are in the vibration of the sound current of the mantra which brings forth high vibrational shifts, changes, and transformation in the physical body as well as energy field. Each person who registers will receive PDF's of the mantras ahead of time to follow along. I will also provide meditations that involve the mantras for the opportunity to go even deeper, and to visually see which mudra we will be be doing during a particular mantra. This is an exciting class to help you cleanse, balance, and awaken your energy field to health, wholeness, purpose, direction, love and peace!
Mo Tarot - 10 Simple Words: Keys to the Numbered Minor Arcana
Thursday | 09.18.14 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM PST | $44.00
Learn this simple technique for understanding the minor cards. In one hour, you’ll learn 10 words that will change how you read Tarot forever. This system is based on the foundation of the cards and is taught by Mo here for the first time. You’ll receive explanations, advice on how to use these words to analyze any situation or question and exercises to help you become a better reader, whether you’re a beginner or a master. Combined with the 2 card reading method taught by Mo, you’ll have a mighty tool at your fingertips, but any technique you use will instantly be more accurate. Handout material will be available approximately half an hour before the beginning of class. Space will be limited.