Inner Child Reunion-February Unconditional Love
Saturday | 02.28.15 | 9:00 AM - 9:50 AM PST | $33.00
Susan D.
Moving along in A Year of Me this month we will focus on love of all kinds with an emphasis on unconditional love. In a light hearted manner we will explore our feelings about love and how it relates to our inner child. A soothing meditation will complete the workshop. The book is included in this workshop. If you already have the book and do not want another email me and I will give you a coupon code to take 33% off the class.
Katt's Psychic Development Open Forum * Develop Your Spiritual Gifts! ***
Tuesday | 03.03.15 | 8:00 AM - 8:10 AM PST | $45.00
Psychic Development
This is a publicly open class for both students and non students of Psychic Katt that will be individually taught based on channeled information as well as a choice by all students participating in the session. An open format will be the basis and student participation is highly suggested. Psychic Development tools will be used as well as an open forum of training, teaching and sharing of many aspects of the spiritual realms pertaining to topics such as tarot, clairvoyance, clairaudience, astrology, past life regression therapy, manifesting, healing, and the many unique paths of how we bring our gifts to the world. Love and relationships as well as health and nutrition will also be highlighted. Current Kaleidoscope Series students and graduates will receive a coupon discount for each class! Thank you all for being here with me!! This is an individual class that will be taught every other week and I will have no boundaries on topics or structure. We are going to UNLEASH your PSYCHIC and SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE and take our lives to the next level to improve what is existing!
Numerology Basics with Krystene Du Maurier - Session 4 - Life Cycles
Tuesday | 03.03.15 | 5:00 PM - 5:50 PM PST | $43.00
Krystene Leon Du Maurier
This class will cover Cycles, Pinnacles and Challenge periods which can range anywhere from 9 to 35 years depending on when you were born. These are critical to understand and will shed much light on repetitive situations and conditions. Life cycles always dove-tail with the Core Elements of any chart and play a critical role in the overall mosaic of your comprehensive chart and how it manifests in your life.
Advanced Angel Communication Course #2
Thursday | 03.05.15 | 5:00 PM - 5:50 PM PST | $30.00
Angela Hartfield
The Advanced Angel Communication course is designed to enhance the existing skills of Angelic Realm Reader. Too often we find ourselves relying on our long established systems of connecting in this realm not realizing that adding other techniques to your repertoire will not only give you a broader range of tools, it will strengthen and enhance your established ones. In this class we will explore your current foundation of knowledge and then expand it using more in-depth techniques developed from years of study and research. In this course you will: ** gain a clear perspective of your current skill foundation ** clear blocks and fears that prevent you from using your full potential ** gain the skills to more efficiently transfer the loving angelic energies to your clients. ** learn how to deepen your approach to the Archangels. ** add a notch of confidence to your self-esteem! We will do practice sessions with feedback and answer questions and more. THIS CLASS WILL BE RECORDED!
Astrology Basics with C. A. Brooks – Session 5 – The Luminaries – Sun and Moon
Thursday | 03.05.15 | 7:00 PM - 7:50 PM PST | $30.00
C. A.
During this class we’ll begin to discuss the Planets with a particular focus on the Sun and Moon. The discussion will include the significance of New Moons, Full Moons and Eclipses. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on March 20th and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 4 will be included in the discussion. Thursday on 12Academy – our night to talk astrology. Do you want to be an astrologer or maybe just talk like one? Thursday nights is for one and for all. If you have ever wished for a way to better understand yourself, family and friends – this is it. Want to improve your intuition, and learn to trust your inner guidance – astrology can do that too. Are you looking for a fun and entertaining challenge? Or maybe you just want to hang out with like-minded people on Thursday nights. Consider yourself invited. We’ll cover the basics – signs, houses, planets and aspects. Although regular attendance will help you build your expertise, weekly attendance is not required. Come when you can for the topics that interest you.