Crystals, Chakras, Energy Healing, Intuition Development 

Kristi is a Reiki/Master Teacher and has been teaching energy healing for 6 years. She has attuned several hundred Reiki masters. She teaches her own form of energy healing that focuses on the chakras and intuition development. Kristi uses a hands-on, empowering teaching style that encourages her students to trust and follow their own inner guidance. Kristi is a Master Crystologist and has many years of experience using crystals for healing and self-development. She teaches her students how to use crystals in daily life in a simple and easy to follow way. Kristi is an aura reader and Chakra expert. She teaches her students to understand, balance and recognize their energy bodies through simple techniques. All of Kristi's classes will have an element of intuition development, teaching her students to learn to recognize, trust and follow their intuition.

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