Animal Communication, Energy Work, Manifesting, Mentoring Psychic Kids 

Katie is a Reiki master healer, as well as a psychic medium. She is passionate about animal communication. Katie has a degree in Early Childhood Education, and specializes in working with psychic children and their parents. She has been trained by the state of Idaho to be a one on one mentor. Katie has been teaching classes on many kinds of divination, space clearing, animal communication, energy healing, and manifesting for years. As a Cancer, she is very nurturing and loving to her clients and students. She a has a wonderful way of connecting lovingly to all she comes in contact with.

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Past Life Channeling Group Session
Sunday | 06.25.17 | 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM PST | $50.00
Join past life regressionist and channel Katie Weaver for a fascinating group past life channeling session. Katie will channel past lives, complete with details and messages for all members of the group. Katie will assist group members in healing past traumas where applicable. All members of the group will leave knowing more about their soul than they did when they came. Past life work is very effective for healing old wounds, working on traumas and phobias, and helping people to understand more about their own tendencies.

***This class will be limited to 10 participants and tends to fill up fast!***

Here is what other people are saying about Katie's Past Life Channeling work:

"This was an amazing experience. I had always felt a deep connection with a person who is famous but could never see what the connection was. Katie helped me to solve the mystery as well as give me information on another lifetime that shed light on why I can't watch certain types of movies or hear certain words. This was a powerful reading that I would recommend to anyone who needs to get answers as to why you feel the way that you do and react in different ways. Thank you Katie for your heart felt channeling and sharing of these intimate parts of what makes me who I am. (26 February, 2016)"

"Katie's past life reading was phenomenal. With vivid and precise descriptions she has helped me understand previously inexplicable dark emotions and reactions to situations, that now make perfect sense. Within the space of one day I have arrived at a place of peace and self-acceptance that I have long been searching for. My profoundest gratitude. (22 February, 2016)"

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