Angels, Dreams, Intuition, Love, Past Lives 
Lacey loves to teach others how they can utilize the "gifts" each person has within to their highest potential. She is enthusiastic and gets the information to others in an easy to understand way! Her classes are packed full of useful information. You will walk away very satisfied!!

With over 25 years of experience in energy medicine, and intuitive abilities on many levels, Lacey will help transform, and shift what needs to be moved to help you overcome and understand the obstacles that you may be going through. She is an expert in love relationships as well as helping you discover your true mission. She can also help in Abundance, Career, and anything you want to inquire about. You will definitely feel a shift when talking to her. She gets answers to your questions quickly and accurately because she is living her passion and lives in the magic realm all the time.

She strives to remain in balance each day by eating primarily "living foods", meditation, and acting in extremely goofy childlike behavior.

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